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Freedom (n.) - the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.rnrnIn a normal every day life, we wake up, make a decision what we’ll do for the day, meet up with our friends or family and make memories. Later in life we’ll start our own family and share love and special memories with them. We make a decision to go to places, to travel, to run, to go shopping or do whatever we love. We can do all that, because we have freedom.rnrnWith slavery all of the above is taken away. And often people are taking freedom for granted.rnrnSO, WE DECIDED TO RUN FOR FREEDOM AND THAT IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP!rnrnFor more information, please visit:


About the Charity
The Childrens Hospital Trust

The Breatheasy Programme is a unique specialist nurse-led initiative at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (RCWMCH) that empowers parents of children reliant on a tracheostomy or artificial ventilation for breathing to provide safe care for their children at home. Tracheostomy patients around the world characteristically face lengthy hospital stays. Through careful training and support of families, the Breatheasy programme ensures that children with tracheostomies instead return home to their families and communities, as soon as they are medically stable. Once home, they are monitored as outpatients by the programme, while family members take responsibility for routine day-to-day medical care (such as changing and suctioning the tracheostomy tubes). Breatheasy’s training enables families to provide home care equivalent to that of a professional nurse in the tertiary health sector. The equipment necessary for home-care is provided by the Breatheasy programme to families.


About the Event
Old Mutual
Two Oceans 2018

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, the 'world's most beautiful Marathon’ offers a challenging ultra-marathon, a popular half marathon, a trail run and fun runs that the whole family can enjoy.  The race will take place on the 31 March 2018. The marathon offers a tough challenge against the backdrop of spectacular scenery and has become a national institution and a firm favourite with local, upcountry, and international athletes.

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3 months ago by Nico Ferreira
The Childrens Hospital Trust
Hou bene hou!!! Julle is flou!! Hallo pou, gee my ‘n kramp gou!!

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