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Nature feeds my soul. It calms my mind. It warms my heart. Our beautiful wild animals roam the Land without a voice, never taking more from the Earth than they give back. This harmony is so pure. It’s truth runs deep within me. I love to run to this beat of the Earth; its rawness. It’s such a privilege to roam these open spaces that our beloved animals share so freely with us. The energy of those I meet along this journey radiates such warmth; it’s a beautiful Life when we open our eyes to the things that matter.


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Wildlands Conservation Trust

Climate Change is the new reality in our lives. Natural disasters dominate headlines locally and globally, with a growing awareness that our beautiful planet is fragile and that we’re testing her limits. In addition, we’re reminded daily of how poorly we treat our home; driving species to extinction, polluting rivers and seas; and unsustainably using the resources that sustain us. It is against this background that WILDLANDS pioneer new pro-poor development approaches that make a sustainability difference.


About the Event
The Wild Series 2017

A Wildlands initiative, the Wild Series was established to profile South Africa’s spectacular natural heritage while raising funds for key conservation projects. These events provide participants with the opportunity of running or mountain biking through some of our most beautiful, wildness location and have raised millions for conservation in the process. From protecting the African Wild Dog and the Bearded Vulture to incredible adventures through awe-inspiring landscapes – the Wild Series challenges are about more than just sports.

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Wildlands Conservation Trust
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Wildlands Conservation Trust

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