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The Lucky Lucy Foundation

It was established on Jan 28, 2010, after our founding members discovered a pregnant dog, tied to a railway line with wire. As a result of this inhumane cruelty, Lucy (as she quickly became known) lost her front leg as a result of several trains passing over her. Lucky was added because the trauma did not cause her death.

Lucky Lucy is an ambassador for the voiceless. We oppose any form of cruelty to animals, whether it is the physical abuse of a dog or inhumane methods of slaughter for human consumption. The Lucky Lucy Foundation is not just a small charity trying to save the world, but a stepping stone of hope for neglected and abused animals, a reducer of over-population and a beacon of light for destitute adults and children.

Our motto is “Don’t Confiscate & Euthanize: Educate & Sterilize.

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The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Thank you for your wonderful work
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The Lucky Lucy Foundation

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