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AMMISH Community Development

The organization started operating in May 2017 and is already taking care of about 650 children in the community.
The organization has different programs which are supporting the disadvantaged children in the community:
– a soup kitchen which serves the children a warm and nutritious meal four times a week
– an afterschool program which offers home-work help and extra-curricular education
– a holiday program that offers fun activities and life-skills education
– a home based care for the families of the attending children, which offers counseling, assistance with grant applications, basic nursing of sick family members, referrals and a lot more
The program of a food garden, which supports the soup kitchen and those family members of our beneficiaries that are unemployed, is in development.
AMMISH stands for Action of Mentor Mothers Influencing Humans and our aim is to build determined and independent future leaders to fight against poverty and unemployment.

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4 months ago by Jan-Philipp Wagner
AMMISH Community Development
Keep up the good work!

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